about me

I work as a community Midwife. I care for women in pregnancy, during the labour and postnatally. Also I offer craniosacral biodynamic therapy not only for pregnant women. 

At medical high school I witnessed my first labour at the placement on labour ward. It was very strong experience. I could feel the hapiness and love which was shining from the parents. I could imagine to work at this field of obstetrics. So after my high school I decicded to study midwifery.After I finished midwifery in Prague I left for the UK. Where I started working as a midwife in 2010 at Kingston Hospital NHS Trust in London. I worked there for 6 years. I cared for women with low risk pregnancy and labour. Also I worked at high risk pregnancy ward, postnatal ward and midwifery led unit where women give birth in the water. In the competencies of midwife is to care for mother and newborn as well.

In my last year in England I worked in the community. Which means the care is given at home or in some centre which is close to the home address of women. We worked as a team of 12 midwives and maternity assistant. Providing antenatal care, home deliveries and postnatal care.

I got used to working independetely, therefore after I moved back to the Czech republic I decided to work as a independent community midwife. To use my gained knowledge and experience from England, where the system of midwifery care is on better organized level. Women have more options of care, they can freely decide what kind of care they want, thehy are much better informed and they are respected in their choices. In the Czech republic the midwifery community care is not very well known and used.

I worked in maternity in Ostrov, Cheb and Rakovník. Nowdays I am part of Tara centre (community midwives) and I work in Prague. Also part time  in gynecology OB/GYN Associates, s.r.o.

I would like to support women, which have decided to take pregnancy, birth and motherhood into their own hands. Every woman has got the right to be respected in her choises. Every child has got the right for peacefull and carring delivery to this world. My task is to offer information and support informed choises of new parents.

I also provide Craniosacral biodynamic care. I finished two year training. Techniques of gentle touch are very effective not only in pregnancy and for the newborns, but for anyone who would like to gain some energy, relax, reliese tension and therfore give the body a chance to heal and regenerate.

About Craniosacral biodynamic I heard for the first time in England. Where this therapy is quite common for newborns. After my return to the Czech republic Craniosacral biodynamic crossed my path again when I was searching way in my life. Training in CSB helped me a lot to find myself and lifebalance.